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Lana Mae is a professional visual artist that has been performing coast to coast for nine years. She has performed with countless notable artists at a variety of events. Three years ago Lana & a few of her closest friends created the visual arts performance company : The Dancing Bear Tribe LLC. The company has member all over the US & has 26 members and growing. Lana Mae has a passion for all flow arts, but is known for her hula hoop performances. In addition to hula hoops (led & fire), she performs with a large variety of flow props that include, but are not limited to : Levitation Wand, Isis Wings, Staff, Flow Fans, Palm Torches, Buugeng, Lyra, Aerial Silks, & more.

Along with performing, Lana Mae has an incredible passion for teaching workshops, leading performance groups, festival/event planning, and social media marketing & promoting. With over 7 years of experience in music festival assistant coordinating and marketing. Four years ago Lana Mae was certified by Hoopnotica as an Instructor specializing in Flow, which focuses on the dance aspect of hooping. She has also studied various aspects of flow prop manipulation including, but not limited to: circus, fire, fitness, and technique.


Carly Getzlow is a visual artist who has been performing on stage for a year; however, she has been pursuing her passion for flow arts since 2014. Carly uses her prior dance and cheerleading skills to help her flourish on stage and engage with the audience. Carly's prop of choice is the hula hoop, but she also performs with fans, Isis wings, palm torches, and staff.


Feather is a hula hoop performer with the Dancing Bear tribe who loves to share her passion for flow through movement with others through performances, workshops, and social media. She has taught hoop workshops and around the Dallas-Fort Worth Motorplex and Performed at a number of festivals and events. She has taught one on one hoop classes, as well as hoop classes for children, beginners, and those already familiar with the art of hooping. She also explores expression in movement through yoga and aerial silks, and strives to spread light and a love of life to everyone with which she practices and shares her artistic expressions with.


Alison Kable is a jack of many trades. From flow arts, creating music, crafting, and being yoga certified, Alison gives her life to her arts. She has been performing since the age of two. She attended dance competitions, choir competitions, theatre, and it doesnt stop there. Alison has travelled state to state performing on stage, both fire and LED small staff for a year now. Alisons favorite flow prob is the staff, but she is not contained to only that prop. She is also skilled in Isis wings, Palm Torches, and is working daily to become proficient in many more props. Alison has recently expanded her horizons by taking Acro Yoga courses, as well as Ariel arts courses specialising in the Lyra.

McKenzie DeRennflaux (Day-Ren-flow) holds her trust in energy and harnesses it immensely in everything she does. She has been experimenting with creative outlets for her energies for many years now, a few of them being: yoga, dance, flow arts, fine arts and graphic art. Flow arts is something DeRennflaux has enjoyed for nearly 3 years now, being a stage performer for 1 of those years. Hoop is her first love, but she has recently found home in other props including fans and staff. Her flow is fluid, full of emotion and seemingly effortless.


Wanda specializes in hoops, fans, and palm torches and she loves to work with fire. She’s performed at local venues around Denver and is so excited to be a part of this festival with her flow partner, Stephanie brown. They are the founders of Circular Synergy Flow in Denver and are striving to strengthen the community of flow artists in Colorado. Wanda owns her own handmade crafts business, With The Trees, LLC, and has displayed her work in Virginia and now Colorado. She is also a part of MadAboutHoops as a hoop instructor, teaching kids the limitless possibilities one can have with a hula hoop.


Stephanie accompanies her love for live music with her love for flow arts. She specializes in hoops, fans, and palm torches, especially when they are on fire! She has a passion for preforming, and has gotten the opportunity to share the stage with many artists. Stephanie is a co-founder of Circular Synergy Flow alongside Wanda Vallés , based in Denver, Colorado. She strives to enhance the community of flow artists, while learning and growing together.

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Kitty is a visual artist who has been practicing flow arts for over six years, and has been performing over the past year around the Midwest. She specializes in hoop flow, single, double, and sometimes triple hoops! Her flow is not limited to hoops and she aspires to expand her skills to work with flow props of all shapes and sizes including staff, levi wand, veils, fans, and lyra. Kitty uses her experience from instructing hoop clubs throughout her High School years to inspire those who are curious about their flow, to practice every day and be more in touch with your inner flow fairy. She looks at everything as a learning experience, and a chance to expand her skills beyond any horizon.


Shelby specials with LED, doubles, and fire hoop. Shelby has been performing for two years with local artist in Springfield, Missouri and at Shambala Festival in Ava, Missouri 2018. Shelby has hosted beginner hoop workshops and personal one-on-one coaching since August of 2018. Shelby has been dancing since she was 10 and hula hooping since 2017. Shelby started performing with The Schwag Dead in November 2018 at The Complex in Springfield, Missouri and at The Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri.


Shelby is an aspiring flow artist with a passion for single and double hoop flow. She also enjoys other props such as Levi wand, poi and fan flow. With flowing for only 3 years she strives for creativity and pushes herself to learn s
omething new with each prop everyday. Shelby enjoys teaching others about flow state and how you can find the flow within yourself.From performing for friends and family to learning and teaching others at STL flow jams , she plans to continue spreading her love of flow to anyone and everyone around her.